Large Raging Bull by Emma Rodgers (b.1974)

Approx 77cm (H) x 110cm (W) Including base

Stunning bronze titled Large Raging Bull is now available for sale in our gallery in Lymm, Cheshire

This Large Raging Bull is an edition of 6 and this one was made for the film Avengers Age of Ultron

Sculptor Emma Rodgers is one of the most sought after and highly collectable artitsts working in Britain today. art critic David Whiting believes her to be amongst the foremost ceramic sculptors working anywhere in the world. Emma has pioneered new boundaries for age old mediums of clay and bronze pushing them to the edge of their elasticity to create powerful, challenging, delicate, tender, disturbing and yet ethereally beautiful statuary. Shehas deliberately abandoned the solidity of form traditionally associated with both classical and modern sculptural movements enabling her to move into original realms of statement by omission.

Her work, whilst solid, has at times a gossamer lightness that can make it appear sketched rather than cast or moulded. And the constant genius of her exoskeletal forms is that they always depict what can’t be seen but is transversally present: the life force that may be called soul. or chi. or spirit or chakra. A winner of the prestigious Victoria & Albert Museum Prize whilst still at art college, Emma is now a member of London’s elite Chelsea Arts Club

Emma Rodgers studied for both her B.A. Hons and M.A. at Wolverhampton University. Since graduating she has exhibited worldwide, including the Victoria & Albert Museum, Stricoff Fine Art N.Y., Lineart –Ghent , Cork Street, Royal Academy of Art, Collect at The Saatchi, S.O.F.A. Chicago and New York, Wei Ling Gallery Kuala Lumpur, Art Paris at the Grande Palais Paris, Blackmore Gallery and most recently the Alice Mogabgab Gallery, Beirut, Curated by Luc Jacquet writer and director of March Of the Penguins. She has also been featured in a documentary dedicated to her work on the Sky Arts Channel and has recently worked with Marvel films on the sets of Guardians of The Galaxy and Avengers Age of Ultron.

Rodgers was involved with The Craft Councils Firing Up Project, working with a range of schools in the North West.
National Museums and Galleries have purchased Rodgers work as part of their collection.
Rodgers is an Ambassador for Clatterbridge Cancer Centre of which she works closely with.


She has received acclaim for her energy and dynamic approach to her work. She was recently featured in Best of British, Singapore on which she won National Critics Choice.